Monday, April 25, 2011

Sand country weekend.

This past weekend, me and the family went north to visit my in laws,They're up in the Wausaw, WI. area.This gives my father in law and I the chance for some Trout fishing in the streams of Central Wisconsin.We started off fishing some somewhat well known irrigation ditches with no luck.We decided to try Lawrence creek at the suggestion of an acquaintance of mine who said there was good fishing there. We arrived almost mid morning to a small sandy bottomed stream with a lot of Brookies. I'm still cutting my teeth on these sandy streams and still find them a tough nut to crack.After slogging through some wet marshland we got to some nice sections the stream, I was able to hook one in a small pool that quickly shook loose from the leech pattern it ate. A short time later I was able to land one small Brookie,beautifully colored on a black and Grizzly Wooley Worm. My father in law Jim,after getting stuck in the Marsh landed a very pretty Brookie that was lured out from a deep undercut bank.

The Following Day we went to investigate the Tomorrow River around the town of Amherst. We found a nice stretch of river with abundant insect life but no fish.I did see one small-ish something dart under some rocks.The Tomorrow is a beautiful place to fish and I look forward to future visits to this stream.

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