Monday, June 28, 2010

Browns, Tigers and Brookies, Oh my! pt.2

After fishing the most of the morning we packed it up and went to the place we were staying the weekend, The Mayfly Lodge, to check in, after taking care of business we went back out for more action. Went to some streams I'd fished on previous trips and a new one that Matt Wagner at the Driftless Angler told us about.The second stream we hit produced several Browns, Brookies and the elusive Tiger Trout, the cross between a Brookie and a Brown, a beautiful little fish, I was very happy to have caught this fish!!
After fishing almost to dusk we headed back to the Lodge to clean up and go get some dinner.We found oiut to uor disappointment that most of the good dining in the town close up at nine oclock, we were left with the option of Subway, not what we were looking for but it's better than not eating!!
In the morning we went out to see if there was any streams running semi-clear, there were storms againg the night before, we went back to the stream we ended on yesterday, it was running a little cloudy but not too bad, we fished for an hour, caught a few Browns and Brookies then it was time to get back to the so called real world, I had to work Sunday night so we had to get a move on so I could get some sleep. Had a great time on some great water and I'm looking forward to another trip or two before summers' end, By the way, Jim(father in law) is most definatley hooked on flyfishing and fishing the streams in SW wisconsin!!

Browns, Tigers and Brookies, Oh my!

Went on my first trip up to the Driftless region of Wisconsin, this time I was'nt alone, My Father in law was along for the trip, after having limited success on his home water I had invited him to fish the SW Wisconsin water.
We got up there Saturday morning around ten am, stopped at the Driftless Angler fly shop in Viroqua picked up some patterns, they had storms come through that week and night before,grabbed some leech patterns and got on t he water.My father in law is getting re aquainted with fly fishing after not having done it a a few decades.Having not fished this typr of water, I gave him some tips and advice, guided him through some of the first few holes, he was off!!!!!
The waters were up a bit from the storms but not too much and was clearing pretty quickly, we had hookups pretty fast and that set the pace for the rest of the morining.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hot bass fly

I posted a week ago or so about some bass fishing I did.I thought I'd share this fly with people, it's a very good looking creature underthe surface.I just came up with it as I tied it, turns out to be a bug with a ton of action.The bug swims and wiggles, the twister tail draws bass in from a distance, the legs move and puslate, it really looks alive!! I really pleased with this fly.