Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to Paradise, I mean hell!!

Went to Paradise Springs this morning for a few short hours, I'm not a big fan of getting out of bed early on the weekends but the seasons gonna be coming to a close soon so I try to get out at any opportunity.
I arrived and the mosquitoes were THICK, ridiculous!! I almost turned around and went back to bed. I forgot the OFF with 300% more deet so I had to use that crap called Repel, not a good bug spray for swarms of bugs. I got on the pond and saw the usual trout swimming about. I first tried my favorite leech pattern to no avail, not a single hit or even a follow up. After that I tied on a Damsel nymph of my own design; I did land one Brown on that one, a chubby guy maybe 12 inches or so.
Tried that Damsel for a while at different depths, the pond gets pretty deep, crimped on a split shot to get it in the range of the fish but no more hits on that one.
Switched to a Mercers' buggy Hex, just for kicks, bigger fly; just to see what might interest them; hooked and landed another good Brown. Continued to fish that pattern with no success. Tied on the beadhead rubber legged hares ear; brought another Brown to the net on that one. By this time my lousy ass bug spray was not doing the job and I was getting bit all over any open patch of skin; So I packed it up and headed back home! Hopefully I'll get back up there again before the season closes.

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