Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paradise Springs today.

Went to Paradise Springs today with my wife Jessica and our son Myles, it was their first trip there. It was a short visit, shortly after arriving the sky was opening up and some good rain was coming down, we hightailed it out of there before it got nasty.I was able to manage a good size Brown caught on a big olive dragonfly nymph.I had tried the usual leech patterns with no luck, switched to a hopper pattern, thought the surface might work, no luck there either.I thought maybe a big juicy nymph would turn some heads and would'nt ya know,it worked!
I was fishing my Steffen Brothers 8 foot 4wt glass rod, it's a wonderful casting rod and belive it or not it was'nt too bad casting the big Dragonfly nymph!It's a 8 foot 3/4 wt 3 piece rod, I have it strung with a Cortland 333 DT peach line, J.A Forbes reel and it's a reallt nice combo.The rod has a nice medium action, I would'nt consider it on the faster side though, at least to be casting, it feels to be a real medium action rod.I'll have to get back there soon, the short time I was there was challenging, I like that!

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  1. Saw the post over on Fiberglass Manifesto with your bass bugs. Sweet ties. Was even more thrilled when I came over to your blog to see all of the trout posts. Very nice stuff you got going on over here, I'm now "following."