Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend at the inlaws.....

My wife,son and I went north to visit with the inlaws,we hung out, did some swimming, our son Myles' first time in a pool, he was avery cool cat in his floaty boat and kicking a bit and getting a workout. My father-in-law Jim and I went to a river an hours drive away to fish for some Brookies.
We fished through a few spots and after a slip of my worn out felt soles I wound up taking a bath! We did manage to catch one small Brookie each.We went back out today for some of the same, this time tried a different spot. After a lovely climb down a very steep hill to the banks of the river we worked our way downstream and did not see a fish, oh wait, I did see one sucker.The place was teeming with life, saw alot of little black stoneflies and lots of life under the rocks.The river had alot of beautiful holes and runs that one would think for sure theres fish there but it was not to be.I guess to make up for the lack of fish we did have gorgeous weather and wonderful scenery.

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