Saturday, May 29, 2010

Got out for a bit this week.

I was able to get out this past week for some Bass fishing on a couple local ponds, fishing was pretty good, caught al;ot of fish, Iwas able to finally get some pics of Bass caught on a foam tube crankbait,I'm glad cuz I wrote the article for it but had yet to get some pics with it in a fishes mouth! I guess I can go ahead with the article now.........I fished my McFarland/Scott yellow glass 8'6" 8 wt, 3 pc. It's a really nice rod capable of thrown big wind resistant bugs with EASE, thi is the Bassbug rod!! Also fished a Custom Steffen Bros, 8' 3/4 weight 3 pc I traded to a fella a few weeks back. very nice rod, medium action, have to findthe line that makes it sing though. I fished it with a Air Cell Supreme dt4 f, it was okay but could'nt find the sweet spot.
Later thismorning We'll be going north to visit family over the holiday weekend and I'll be doing some trout fishing with my father-in-law at some local water, gonna bring the Steffen again with a Cortland 333 peach DT4F we'll see how that works for the rod, also bringing the Diamondglass 7' 4wt, the rod that does it all....I'll post more upon returning........................................................

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