Saturday, January 16, 2010

Paradise Springs today

Went back to Paradise Springs today, had some sucsess in this cold weather. When I got there I started out fishing midge larva patterns, I did'nt have any luck at all with those and I thought I'd trim my leader back to a little heavier tippet and try a bead head wooley bugger.

I was casting in all areas of the lake trout were following up the fly and would be snapping at it but no hook ups...After losing a couple buggers in the trees I switched to a leech pattern I've fished there with luck before. I was seeing alot of fish chasing it and bitting the fly, still not too many hook ups. I was able to land three fish, two Browns and one Rainbow.One of the two Browns was short a nose, not sure what happend to it but I felt sorry for it.

I lost one more Rainbow I was fishing parallel to the shore, casting toward the deck. Rainbow grabbed the leech, I played it foe abit and it got into some downded tree branches and was able to get off.

I have yet to crack this place, don't know the secrets of Paradise Springs, I've only fished it four times now scince early September but I am having a great time working it out....

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