Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Been a while.

Man ,I have not done anything here since October...Where do I start/ I last post about my excitement over getting my rod blanks and reel seats after a long wait. I'm happy to say all of the rods have been built and sold. The interest in them was not as good as I hoped for but that's the way it is, 8/9 weight glass rods are not everybody cup of tea. Since these were build I have been working on a few trout rods, The blanks are being rolled for me by James Green, a fella from California, he does some Yellow S glass and Black E glass, the Black is a bit slower than the Yellow, very nice medium action rod, I have a 7ft 3 in 4 wt completed and it turned out to be a really nice caster.

I am working on new reelseats for my rods, basic cap and ring slideband type on the lower line weights and have to work on a thread locking seat for the heavier rods. I  still have a number f the Lemke seats that I worked out with Joel back in the summer as well as more 8/9 weight blanks coming from Mike Mc Farland.

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