Saturday, October 29, 2011

True loss.......

I know this is coming in as a pretty late posting.I found out quite late, couple months ago that Shane Stalcup had passed.I know he was having some surgeries some time back and I had wondered in the back of my mind if it was anything serious?I was shocked to here of his early passing.I think he is one of the most innovative tiers in the last couple decades. I loved his design,all of his flies had a very realistic look and profile to them and were very durable as well.The materials he used, mix of synthetics and natural and they were all relatively easy to tie.I wrote him in 1999 to request a copy of his catalog, I was really impressed with alot of the flies in it, there were some patterns for bass that I really loved.I called him to place an order for a couple of them.The"Fly Rap", I believe it is called and a foam frog pattern, the name escapes me at the moment.I asked for a custom color for two Fly Raps, purple and yellow, a popular local lake color.I have fished the Bass colored ones a few time and have caught several bass on it.I kept these in my bass box, after I heard of his death I decided to pull them out and I plan on framing them or something special.I thought I'd post these to share with others and you just don't see these patterns very often.

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