Monday, July 25, 2011

I must be insane!

Went north on Saturday for one of only a few trips to the Driftless each season.I got on the water around 6:30 am, beat the heat a little bit.I found the fish to be very easy to bite the fly, the Pink Squirrels and Copper Johns were the ticket, the Pink as usual did very well. I don't know why I go up there with my pack full of everything I could need, I fish the same three patterns the whole time I'm there, I jusy need a Sucrettes box with 6 of each pattern and tippet material.I fished one stretch of water that I frequent and took around 20-30 fish there,like I said they were very agreeable! Met up with my father-in-law on another stretch of water around 10:00 am,caught several Browns there then moved on to a spot further downstream, I was only able to land one nice Brown on a hopper pattern.The sun was getting high in the sky by this point and I was on FIRE!!!!I called it quits for the day, time to get out of my waders and into my street clothes and chug a lot of water.I thought I must be insane to be out there boiling, no water, in waders!!!!

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