Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leapin' Lizards!!

Got out today after work for a bit,went to a pond I've been given permission to fish a few years back.The weather was pretty lousy but went anyway. I went mostly to try some new bass patterns that I had come up with recently, I'm going to be adding them to the Lillypond FlyDesign web page soon. It turns out they were a success! The Lizard pattern is actually the second season it's being fished and it's a killer!! Also fished a new marabou twister tailed pattern and caught a couple on it as well.I really looking forward to the weather warming up and the action to get better, have lots of patterns to try out and add to the web page.


  1. what hook are you using on the marabou one?? Awesome patterns

  2. Dustin, I gather that's your name? Thanks for the compliments.The hook I use on those is a Mustad Ultrapoint #32833BLN, really nice hook, I tie ALOT of stuff on it.That fly looks awesome in the water!Thanks, Brian

  3. Awesome patterns! I especially like the red and white one, looks like a killer.

    The tail is a great element. I have never seen them at my local fly shop. I'll have to look around for those.

    I am just getting into jig hooks and I really like them. Great stuff!

    Thanks for posting.